New “Anonymous WIRL” Feature

New “Anonymous WIRL” Feature


Ready for some big news? Recently, WIRL Project decided to create a new username called Anonymous WIRL. This will now allow individuals to share their honest thoughts, stories, and experiences in a way that also protects their identity. We did this to help people who want to be heard, but do not want to risk any repercussions of posting from their own username. We are excited to see the “juicy stories” about the stuff nobody can typically post about for fear of their boss/colleagues/spouse/friends/fans/family knowing it’s them. We are looking forward to allowing people to share what it’s really like in a whole new way!

If you’d like to contribute to WIRL Project using the Anonymous WIRL username, use the Contact form on the website to submit your WIRL and indicate in the “Subject” box that this is an Anonymous WIRL. Also, in your submission, include the “category” and “tag(s)” you’d like us to include in your WIRL, so we can make the contribution as organized and detailed as possible. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot include any images in Anonymous WIRLs.

Our first Anonymous WIRL will be coming your way this week! It’s actually a series of WIRLs that will share one person’s journey through something life-changing. Interested? Stay tuned for what it’s really like!

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