Don’t Believe the Lies: “Fixer Upper’s” Joanna Gaines Get’s Real

Don’t Believe the Lies: “Fixer Upper’s” Joanna Gaines Get’s Real


Joanna Gaines has found her way into the hearts of many HGTV lovers. She’s beautiful, her family is down to earth, her husband is a goofball, and she does Ah-mazing transformations to homes on her show “Fixer Upper“.

Naturally, we wanted to know more about Joanna and found this great clip of her breaking it down and telling her story. Spoiler Alert! You’ll get goosebumps and possibly even shed a tear; her story is simple, but so powerful. She talks about her biracial family and how that impacted her growing up. She recalls a particular school lunch room incident that sewed a lie within … she wasn’t good enough. She suggests that we, Don’t believe the lies… follow God’s direction, and trust it.

We encourage you to share your stories here at WIRL Project because what may seem unimportant or insignificant to you, may inspire someone or change their life. Share your story…tell us what it’s really like as Joanna did.

Thanks for being so genuine Joanna Gaines, we love you, your work, and everything you stand for!

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