NCAA College Players Dish: Why Skin Is No Longer “In”

NCAA College Players Dish: Why Skin Is No Longer “In”


Apparently, skin is no longer “in” concerning the NCAA Basketball fashion scene. Spandex and socks now cover 90% of the bodies of these premier athletes and you will be surprised to find out some of the real reasons many of them do it (hint, it’s not medical)!

The skin between the hem of the shorts and the top of the high tops have been shrinking for years. Think back to the days of the short-short-wearing John Stockton, or Wilt Chamberlain…depending on how high he pulled his socks, Chamberlain might have shown three feet of leg. The college players of today may show a couple inches of skin on their entire body, revealing tiny gaps above their socks…but that’s it. Gone are the days of half naked men running up and down the court, which isn’t such a bad thing after all…right?

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