Origami Owl … Worth It or For The Birds ???

Origami Owl … Worth It or For The Birds ???


So my mother is one of the hardest people to shop for in the history of forever and wouldn’t you know it her birthday falls on mothers day this year!  My sister and I always try to get her something that we really think she would like and brainstorm on jewelry, trips, or other gifts to make her cry (tears of joy of course that”s usually how you know it was a good gift lol).  Over the past couple months she has made some comments about the necklace that a couple girls she works with have that are “cute and filled with stuff.”   The dilemma I am having is that I surprisingly do not know anyone that owns a necklace or something from the company let alone sells it.  I know you can order on their website, but was wondering if any one had any experience with their products.  I do not mind paying any price to make my mom smile and give her something cute, but just wanted to make sure they are worth the price.

Anybody have one (or sell them), or have any other thoughts on the matter???  I would really appreciate the help!!!




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    @sammyrose130, I’ve used Origami Owl necklaces as gifts for my Thirty-One team in the past and also bought my mother and grandmother ones for Christmas this past year. They all love them. It can definitely be overwhelming when you log into their website and see all of the choices, but if you’d like to connect with a consultant I have a few friends that could help you out :)

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      @heather I would love to get the contact information for the consultants you know. I really was overwhelmed by the amount of options and variations on their site and it is hard when you don’t habe anythin to compare it to. Thanks !!!

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    Thanks for the advice @sarabrennan and @ahazy19 I definitely am going to look into getting her one. There are so many options on there site that look really cute I just had a hard time telling if they were well made or not. It’s good to hear from someone who has one and loves it

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    @sammyrose130 These days, if someone gives me a gift idea, I buy it for them! It’s so hard to figure out what to get, if that’s what she says she wants, you should get it.

    As far as the actual product goes, I’ve seen them and they are very cute. To me, I think they’re like a “Pandora” bracelet kind-of-thing… some people love them and they’re not for others. I’d get a couple charms that are really meaningful and go with that! Hope that helps!

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    I have an origami owl necklace and I love it!!! I don’t get to wear it often cause I feel like they are kinda dressy, but they have TONS of options for the charms to suit anyone!! The price isn’t bad either!! I’d say go for it if that’s what she wants!! Good luck!

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