How to Remove Crayon from the inside of a Dryer


The last thing I needed on the day before Christmas school break and while I’m trying to finish holiday shopping online AND pack for our trip to see family is to find blue crayon in my dryer ALL OVER MY KIDS’ CLOTHES. Lucky me, that is exactly what I got this morning! Ugh.

Yep, a blue crayon, and a green one, I think, somehow got past me in the laundry and ended up going through the washer and into the dryer. Maybe because I didn’t check all the pants pockets?! Yeah, who has time for that with 8 loads of laundry staring you down? Clearly, I got smacked in the face with reality that clearly I need to check pants pockets. What? A five-year-old would smuggle blue crayons in his jean’s pockets?!? Who knew?!? :)

Okay, so my clothes disaster fix is still in the works so stay tuned for that outcome but I do have an answer on how to get crayon out of the inside of your dryer. The last thing you want to happen is that you put ANOTHER load in there and the crayon re-melts and ruins an entire other load, right?!

So, I lay it all out for you in today’s 2 MINUTE Baby Gizmo video!

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