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All WIRLs will be reviewed and scheduled by someone from the WIRL Project team as soon as possible. You can visit the My WIRLs tab to access saved “Drafts” or submitted WIRLs. 

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Please Read Before You Click:

  • Select “Save Draft”, to save unfinished WIRLs for later; you can access this draft in your My WIRLs tab.
  • Select “Submit” to send your WIRL off to our administration team for review. When you “Submit”, you will be taken to a screen with a bright green box  that gives you the option to “Continue Editing” or “Preview”. This will be the only way to actually preview what your WIRL will look like (when it’s “live”) before it gets submitted for review. If you preview your WIRL, and still want to make changes, go back to the green box and select “Continue Editing” to make any changes. You can do this as many times as you need to, until you are happy with your WIRL. If you accidentally exit the screen with the “green box”, you can find your WIRL in the My WIRLs tab, but you will not be able to preview it unless you “Submit” it again and are able to access the lovely green box.