What It’s Really Like To Win $1 Million on TV!

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You just won $1 Million! Isn’t that the phrase we’d all like to hear? We watch TV gameshows all the time, but it’s rare to see someone actually take home the megabucks. But, recently, that happened to a contestant on the show Monopoly Millionaires’ Club. Susan Campagnone, the million dollar winner, spoke with Scott Meslow of TheWeek.com and shared the WHOLE story. What she had to say was interesting because we all envision what we’d do with our prize winnings. Some might say, I’d quit my job! or I’d retire!, but winning a million may not be as “life changing” as it may seem.

She says in the interview how she…

… spoke with an accountant and a financial advisor as she wrapped her head around her prize. Of course, $1 million is just the starting point; after taxes, the number shrinks considerably. “You really have to start with the fact that you really get half of [the money],” she said. “It’s not like one of the jackpots — a MegaMillions, or even a Powerball, where people win $350 million.” Obviously, $1 million is a ton of dough, even after taxes, but it’s also not “quit your job and move to the Bahamas” money. As such, Campagnone doesn’t have any particularly extravagant plans for her future.

Regardless of how much she actually takes home, it’s still pretty cool to be a “Million Dollar Winner”. We’ve included the actual clip of the winning moment below for your enjoyment!

To read the whole interview from Scott Meslow of TheWeek.com, visit the site below.

*Original Image and story found at theweek.com


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Website: http://theweek.com/articles/554227/what-really-like-win-1-million-game-show


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