My Best Experience as an RN

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The best thing to ever happened to me as an RN occurred I was taking care of a woman in labor. It was her second baby and she spoke Spanish, so I took her as a patient because I also spoke Spanish. I entered the room and recognized her, she looked at me with wide eyes. So did her sister. And her husband. I recognized the husband. And then they told me, You were our nurse the “last time”. But I didn’t remember. But then I did…

She had a baby that had passed away from many fetal abnormalities just a year prior. She was here for delivery of her second baby which was healthy and normal. She started to tear up. So did her sister. I knew it might be awkward, so I decided to ask if she still wanted me to be her nurse because maybe she wanted a more positive experience this time around, and it would have been totally fine because I understood. She responded to me in Spanish – I do want you to be my nurse and I couldn’t go through this again without you. I said, Okay good. Perfect. So I excused myself, went into the hallway and cried. Got it together and went back in the room.

We delivered a HEALTHY BABY BOY! I put that baby on her chest. I showed her his body parts. We delayed a lot of the baby measurements and medicating just because I didn’t want to take her baby away. The entire time she cried My son! My son! This is my baby! My baby! This was the most exhilarating delivery and one that I won’t ever forget.


- An Anonymous Nurse from NYC

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