What It’s Really Like To Go Through Chemo Therapy

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Finding out you have cancer would bring a whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, and emotions to your mind and body. Then, the reality sets in and you’re faced with the treatment options. How are you going to beat this beast? The emotional and physical strength it must take to get through such a thing must be incredible.

WIRL Project wants to shed light on this subject because there are so many stories. Stories of hope, strength, and fear. Educational stories, I’ve-been-there-too stories, painful stories, stories of loss, and stories of hope. Unfortunately, we ALL know someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer; it’s hard for everyone. We mainly hear about the sad stories, but so many people find strength and put up an amazing fight. They show us courage, hope, faith, and triumph as they rise above the awful disease. And we’re not just talking about the patients. Sometimes, being the caregiver of a cancer patient can be just as daunting on the mind and soul, especially because they are asked to be so strong all the time.

WIRL Project is asking you to contribute stories and confessions about cancer and what it was really like. We want to hear from caregivers, patients, doctors, therapists, friends, etc. and how cancer has affected or changed your life. To easily share as a guest, click here.

Today, we are sharing a story of what it’s really like to go through chemotherapy. Actress, Krysta Rodriguez, just finished several months of treatment and was willing to let us in and share what it was really like.

Here is an excerpt from the story:

“…but by the time I walked into the treatment center for my first round, my resolve had reach Hulk-like proportions. I practically kicked down the door chanting, “What do we want? Chemo! When do we want it? NOW!” My body needed me to step up and I had to answer the call. If that meant going through a little slice of hell, then so be it. That assuredness lessened as the treatments went on. Once you’ve experienced the side effects, it’s hard to psyche yourself into returning to the scene of the crime. I would find myself getting sad or anxious in the days leading up to another dose. I think my body just knew what was in store and wasn’t ready. But for me, mental strength was key, and I would allow these moments to happen but not dwell on them.”

Click the link below to read the whole story from Cosmopolitan.com and share YOUR story at WIRL Project today. You never know how sharing your experience could impact someone else’s life.

*Image and excerpt from Cosmopolitan.com


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Website: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/health-fitness/news/a40148/what-its-really-like-to-get-chemotherapy/

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