Are you Neighborly?

Neighborly WIRL Project

I like to think of myself as a friendly person. I like the idea of knowing my neighbors. If I needed to borrow an egg or a half a cup of sugar. If I was in need of help I would like to think I could go to a neighbor in case of any minor or even a major emergency. I would be happy to do any of these things for my neighbors. Wouldn’t you?

Well I live in a cul de sac full of people and only there of the seven neighbors are semi-friendly. Yes I just said semi-friendly. They wave, if I wave. But the others, forget it! I don’t care where you’re from, I just think its plan rude.

Every time I see them walking to their car, getting out of their car, or in their backyard I wave with a smile. What do I get back? A blank stare. WTF I know they saw me!! They stared at me. And even if they weren’t looking at me I know they saw my 45 second wave with a huge grin in their peripheral vision desperately hoping they would precipitate in our waving ceremony so I don’t look like an idiot waving in thin air for no reason. But no, just a stare. If you ask me they looked stupider than me. Well maybe not.

Why is this happening! Is knowing your neighbor a thing of the past? I don’t get  it. I hate it. I never felt so lonely in such a crowded cul de sac!

I think it makes us a stronger community if we know one another.

When I was a kid I ran into some of my neighbors houses without even knocking. We went a vacations together. They were almost family. And sometimes even closer than family. “Neighbor” is mentioned in the Bible 46,227 times! Neighbors are important people! So lets change this, I want to! When a neighbor moves in, go over, introduce yourself, bring them a casserole. Have a cookout! Be Neighborly!




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