Aging Parents

I’m feeling a sense of sadness when I look around to watch some of my friends caring for their ageing parents. We all say, at one time or another, that we hope to live to be 100, but do we really mean that and do we really know what it might entail??

Many elderly are fortunate to be able to stay in fairly good health and live in their own homes independently, but some are far less fortunate and end up needing help and a place to be cared for.

This means being prepared both monetarily and emotionally. I guess what I have learned from observing my many friends going through this is to be prepared for long term care and pray that God willing that they won’t need to use it!

We all need to value our parents as they age, for the love and wisdom they share, and be there for them when they need us.

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    Very well said Diane. It’s something that we all need to think about: making our wishes known, planning for the worse and hoping for the best, living wills.. all need to be taken into consideration. As Michael Crichton said— ‘No one escapes from life alive.’

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