The Greatest Gifts are Small Packages Wrapped with Love

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Have you ever felt like you were doing something just to be doing it but you really didn’t know “why” you were doing it? Or… have you ever felt as if you had this grand vision which caused you to work yourself to the bone but the end result only left you feeling exhausted, deprived, and unfulfilled?

One day I was door to door marketing for my Rejuve-N-Luv Body Scrubs when I came across a sweet lady who really supported my vision and mission. Not only did she invest in my body scrubs but she also gave me a purple wooden paddle that quotes, “Do Small Things With Great Love”. As my heart overflowed with warmth and my eyes filled with tears, it was a simple reminder that the greatest gifts come in small packages and are wrapped with love. The funny thing is, before ever meeting this kind woman, I have always told customers that my Rejuve-N-Luv Body Scrubs were handcrafted from the heart with love. Even though it is something so small, I pour my heart into the creation of each product; and although I have a grand vision for empowering moms, I will not let my final destination consume “me” or the greater purpose behind “why” I do what I do.

In the beginning of my journey I got caught in all of the hype of trying to be a successful a mompreneur and life coach which caused my focus to be misaligned with my what my heart desired and the greater purpose that I was serving. See, what often happens is that our eyes start to get bigger than the view in front of us and then we easily get distracted, side tracked, and rerouted all because we lose touch with where our heart and true desires were leading us.

Be intentional! Whatever dream, goal, or vision that you are setting out to achieve, know that it does not have to have be monstrous, glamorous, or shiny in order for it to light up the world. As long as you follow your heart, act intentionally, and execute it with great love, no matter how small or how big the deed is, your light will shine… and it will shine BRIGHT! But most importantly, remember that a woman who listens to her heart and walks purposefully towards her dreams will attract the divine opportunities and people with her light. So the next time that you are “going”, ask yourself, 1) what is the greater purpose that I am serving and 2) am I following my heart and acting with love.

Small Things Great Love










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I believe that when a woman truly loves who she is completely, she authentically shows up in the world with a glowing presence that radiates from the light that is within. After years of struggling with accepting myself apart from what society deemed beautiful and successful, I have devoted my life to empowering other ambitious & purpose driven mothers to not settle for a life that is less than desirable but to live a vibrant and passionate life full of peace, joy and love.  I am Alisha Askew, The RadiatHER Soul coach who stirs the deep desires of the soul so that YOU can manifest the life that you truly deserve! To learn more about my journey or to receive valuable resources for your journey please visit my website at!

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