What My Workout Means To Me

What My Workout Means To Me

My alarm goes off and the sun is barely up. The voice in my head tells me it is OK to hit snooze or turn the alarm off and sleep in today. I tell myself it is not a big deal to push my work out to the evening. But then reality reminds me that if I don’t get out of bed at 6 AM, the day will give me a million reasons to skip my work out by time 6 PM rolls around.

I grab my pre-workout on my night stand that I prepared the night before and within 10-15 minutes I am ready to go. I hit play and dedicate the first 30 minutes of my morning, every morning, to ME. My work out is often the only time each day that I have for myself. It is a half hour where I escape reality and fully dedicate myself, mentally and physically, to improving and becoming the best version of me. I read a quote this past weekend that said, “I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day,” and I could not agree more.

I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day

My work out means I am going to start my day on a positive a note. It means I am going to be healthier and make healthier choices each day. It is my effort to do NOW what my body needs THEN to make sure I am present for my own children and grandchildren one day. Most importantly, what my workout REALLY means to me comes down to something as simple as this: It is a daily reminder that I have been blessed with ONE body and, by ignoring the voice telling me to hit snooze, I refuse to take my body for granted.

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    You’re so right, Jill! It’s SO much easier to hit snooze in the morning, but doing little things like preparing your pre-workout and having it on your night stand makes getting out of bed a bit more manageable. I also love how you say your workout time out is the “only time you have to yourself” … I couldn’t agree more! Great story, looking forward to hearing more WIRLs from you!

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