Thank You Notes From Jimmy Fallon

Thank You Notes From Jimmy Fallon

Thank you, Jimmy, for being so entertaining!

Here is your weekly dose of Thank You Notes from Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight show!

If you’re a night owl and can stay up to watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on a regular basis, then you’ve been exposed to his very funny Thank you Notes segment that he routinely does on Friday nights. If your bedtime doesn’t typically make it past double digit numbers on the clock, you’re in luck because WIRL Project is going to start sharing these very funny clips on our site for you! We hope you enjoy this segment as much as we do.

We want to also note that WIRL Project encourages you to also share some of your own Thank You Notes as contributions to our website (WIRLs). We’d love to hear your funny or serious letters to friends, family, companies, etc!

*Featured Image was taken from a previous Jimmy Fallon Thank You Notes videoclip
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