The REAL Reason American’s Celebrate the 4th of July

REAL Reason We Celebrate 4th of July

Do you know the REAL reason that American’s celebrate the 4th of July? We’re willing to bet that you don’t (see video below). So, before you embark on your Independence Day celebrations, you may want to freshen up on your US History and remember what the decorations, cookouts, and fireworks are all about.

But don’t rush off to Google, WIRL Project has you covered! Here is an excerpt from to make you sound like the smartest guy (or girl) at the party:

… July 4th is so special is because it’s Independence Day, a holiday celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In 1776, founding father and soon-to-be president, Thomas Jefferson wrote what is now the United States’ most famous and cherished document to give a list of grievances against King George III of England. It was written to justify the colonies breaking away from the mother country and becoming an independent nation. Revised by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, the Declaration of Independence was signed by our founding fathers and accepted by Congress on July 4,1776.

But the spirit of Independence Day is not only about the United States officially becoming a country. It’s about celebrating the values that the country was founded upon…

Independence Day celebrates those very ideals of democracy, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and is for anyone who finds faith in the words “all men are created equal.” But … it is also a holiday to remember and honor those first Americans who made sacrifices to create the Republic and then defend it over the years.

Oh, and here’s a video to prove that American’s really don’t have any idea why they’re celebrating. Don’t let this be you!



Enjoy and Happy 4th! 


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