Expat Mommitment. Because Expat Moms Need Support Too.

black sand beach in Bali

All moms need support sometimes, specially when we´re feeling down or lonely or overburdened with the toddlers and their devilish ways. Sometimes all we want is a hug, a walk and talk, a cup of coffee and some laughs, or maybe just a sleep in. But in some cases we are far from our families, we don´t have our own moms that can help out and take the kids for a few hours or an old friend with kids of her own that we can hang out with without having to go through the dreaded small talk or trying to not come out as simply insane.


Some of us are expat moms. Living the expat dream, teaching our kids about different cultures and how the world can be so much more than just your neighborhood or your city. Trying to keep it together without familiar help. Yes I know that as an expats we have the opportunity to hire help for the house and for the kids, but sometimes we have trust issues and feel that no one will do it the way we do. And so we drain ourselves to do it all.


black sand beach in Bali

But sometimes we break, and feel like we do it all wrong, and fight with the kids and the husband, and feel lonely and lose all control. Sometimes we feel depressed, or have anxiety or panic attacks, expat moms aren´t exempt from these, we really aren´t. There´s even a kind of depression called “Expat Depression” and it is real. I am not going to argue with that.

Us expat moms are almost admired back home. We are so brave and adventurous, leaving the comfort of home to take our kids on a World expedition. We are seen as an inspiration for those moms that feel like they are stuck in their situation and need a change. We are the strength and backbone of our Third Culture kids. We are wonder-women! I really want to believe all that. Because after all, we are gifting our kids the world and that is some greatness right there.

Us expat moms are also under constant judgement, just like any other mom. Do our kids go to International School? Do we let them play with the local kids? Do we feed them western food or local food? Do we teach them the local language? Do they have an English Speaking nanny? Do they have a driver? Do you homeschool them? Do you teach them the local culture?

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