Dear Motorcyclists: You Look Stupid When You Don’t Wear A Helmet

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Dear Motorcycle Drivers,

This is the time of year that you start getting your prized bikes out from the garage and clean them up for a great season of adventure. It is also the time that many people start preaching about safety and being aware of you and your bikes on the road. We hear things like, Watch for motorcycles in the blind spot of your rearview mirror! or, When pulling out at a stop sign… look twice!! I have to agree that the advice we get is fine and expected. We should be careful and mindful of motorcyclists on the road, I am all for being cautious and keeping everyone safe.

But here’s where I get a bit perturbed with all of this. Here’s a few questions for you:

  1. How about you do your part to keep safe and not weave in and around traffic so that we don’t unexpectedly hit you, because in normal circumstances, a vehicle wouldn’t be able to do what you just did?
  2. Why do you feel the need for speed when you’re on one of the most dangerous motor vehicles allowed on the road?
  3. And, here’s a good one, how about you put a freaking helmet on your head to save your life, just incase there is an accident?! Did you ever think of that?!


I know somehow you’ve managed to get a few legislators in your pocket to pass laws that do not REQUIRE you to wear a helmet (in some states), but …really, if you’re not doing your part to be extra cautious and if you’re not using common sense to protect yourself, why the hell should everyone else have to go out of their way to make sure YOU are safe? Seriously! You actually look stupid when you’re flying down the road with your gross gorgeous locks flowing in the wind. Newsflash! When you fall off that thing, for whatever reason, you are probably going to smash your head on the ground and it’s going to be a massive tragedy to you, your family, and friends. I know this because I’ve been through it – someone I know and love fell off of their motorcycle and was killed because of a head injury 100% due to the fact that they were NOT wearing a helmet! Don’t force me to have to go to your bedside at the hospital, or worse, your funeral. I’m angry and annoyed that I am sad and crying because I can’t see or talk to you ever again because you made the stupid decision to get on that motorcycle without a helmet. My sadness and your death could have been prevented with one little choice.

If you were to ride a go-cart, a bicycle, or even go down hill skiing, you’re expected, or at least suggested, to have a helmet on. But, somehow you get behind a 100 HP engine and leave it up to fate! WHAT? That’s STUPID! Believe me, you’re not THAT cool. And believe me, you REALLY won’t be very cool when you’re dead or braindead from not protecting yourself. You have the choice, use your brain (or lack thereof) to make a wise decision and put a helmet on! You can wear all your gear, get your tattoos, buff and shine the chrome on your bike, even buy a flashing headlight that helps cares to see you more easily…do whatever you like! But please, buy a helmet and wear it!

I’ve already seen and heard of too many fatalities this year, and it’s only April. To your credit, in some cases a helmet might not save your life, but I think it’s common sense to have one on. Every time I drive my car I don’t have an option to wear my seatbelt, I HAVE to do it. Do I look “cool” doing it? Not really. But, it shows that I know and understand the law and, more importantly, the consequences of what would happen if I chose not to buckle my seatbelt. I think the least you can do, for safety sake, is to put your helmet on! All of you diehard freedom riders may disagree with me, but I’m sick and tired of seeing one after another of your brothers or sisters (who was not wearing a helmet) not surviving these accidents and it being blamed on everything BUT not wearing a helmet!

So, how about I’ll buckle-up and you’ll helmet-up and we’ll look out for each other and stop this ridiculous nonsense. If I need to do my part to keep you safe by being extra cautious in my car, then you need to drive that thing like a responsible, somewhat intelligent human being and be extra cautious as well.

Here’s my last big of advice: Wear a helmet, follow the rules, listen to my advice, and no one gets hurt. Bottom line: If you chose to not wear a helmet, you are choosing to look like an idiot.


A Very Annoyed Angry Frustrated Patient Driver


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