Dear US Airways

Dear US Airways


Dear US Airways,

Your customer service stinks, bad. You definitely need to work on your automated man who answers the phone when you call your 1-800 number because he stinks too. I called to book my flight using a reward travel certificate (that you can only use by booking over the phone – which is ridiculous) and was asked to “call back” at least 20 times, due to bad weather. Seriously? It’s March, the weather isn’t THAT bad. You seriously can’t answer the phone because you’re swamped re-booking flights due to bad weather for three straight weeks? I called around the clock and it was the same story every SINGLE time.

Honestly, I called at least 50+ times trying to book this trip and waited for 2+ hours on hold several times. I wasted at least a full 24 hours of my life sitting on the phone waiting for you to answer the call that is “very important to you”. I even called the special number on the back of my preferred US Airways MasterCard, finally got someone to answer the phone, and they told me they’d give me an “insider” number to use to call and get a human being. I was satisfied with this, until I found this exact number is listed on the website – it’s the number you call to book a reservation by phone! Thanks for the “insider tip”…what a joke!

Anyway, I finally get through to someone at your company and they tell me I can’t use the reward certificate for this trip, due to “blackout dates”. Are you KIDDING me? I explain that I’ve waited (literally) three weeks to book this flight and now you’re telling me I can’t? So, they asked me to call back another time, with different dates, to book my trip.

At the end of the day, after about 4 weeks of this mess, I ended up successfully booking a flight, but I have to say it was the most ridiculous, stressful way to have to do it. So, my advice to you, US Airways, would be:

  1. Stop telling me my call is important to you; it’s not.
  2. Seriously, get a new recording for us to listen to while you have us on hold for 2+ hours
  3. Get RID of blackout dates – it’s a scam
  4. Answer the phone
  5. Prepare for bad weather in the winter, duh!


That’s all.


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