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A pair of shoes can change the world. Some in different ways. Running shoes can win gold. Sandals can transport memories from a favorite destination. Boots can bring out the sass in anyone. Heels can help kick someone’s ass when the guy at the bar just wont leave you alone.
But maybe there is a deeper meaning for what shoes we decide to wear.
When I wear heels I feel beautiful. Matched with the right outfit I feel sassy and beautiful all in one.
Some people feel sassy and beautiful in a simple pair of sneakers.
Whoever said give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world was beyond right.

If I’m feeling down, I go shoe shopping.  Not because I’m a materialistic person, but because somehow buying shoes makes me feel like I get a fresh start. Buying shoes shows me that there is a way to make myself feel beautiful while also making me feel accomplished. Shoes aren’t just shoes like most people tend to believe.

The type of shoe I wear can determine my attitude for the rest of the day. Heels always make me want to go out & dance. They make my heart ache for that perfect dinner with my significant other. Sitting and talking, still getting to know each other. Sometimes they make me want to get up and meet new people, possibly even become more of a social person.

Wearing no shoes at all…you see, this is where the fun comes. This is where It’s hard for me…

Lately, wearing shoes has been the way to express my feelings. I always wear heels when I am feeling down (and when I am not) where most would choose sneakers or sandals. But I feel that the better I dress, the better I will feel. I cannot even bring myself to wear sneakers to school. Not because I care about the opinions of those around me, but because I honestly feel that the heels I wear make people look at me differently – more passionately. Like they are actually interested in what I have to say.

But when did wearing shoes become such a big deal?

The Naked Foot…

Ah, yes. The majestic, adventurous feeling of not wearing shoes. Disgusting? Maybe… But lets be honest… you hate wearing shoes just as much as the next person.

When I do not have shoes on I feel naked. I feel like a piece of me is exposed that shouldn’t be. Not wearing shoes is the equivalent to not wearing a shirt for me. My shoes say a lot about who I am & when that right is taken away from me, I feel stripped of any barrier I have put up that says who I am.

Not wearing shoes is a guessing game of who I am meant to be. If i wear sneakers, you’ll expect that I am a runner. If I wear sandals, you’ll assume I like the beach. If I wear boots, you’ll assume that I am a southern girl.

Well, what if I don’t wear any shoes at all?

You now have no way of knowing about my interests. No way of knowing if I am an under-dresser or an over-dresser. No way of knowing if I enjoy the beach or hiking. No way of knowing anything at all. Because without my shoes on I am naked. But that isn’t me. I am not a naked soul.

My soul is filled with vibrant, exciting, colorful adventures and experiences, My soul is filled with good things and bad things, good people and bad people, good feelings and bad feelings.

So asking me what my favorite shoe is probably isn’t a tricky question because I am complex. I am interesting. I am different. And I know what I want.

I am headstrong, but I am also timid. I am stern, but I am also calm. I am lovable, but I am also hated. I am strong, but I am also weak.

To me, wearing heels says, “I am independent, I don’t need help, I am strong.”

They aren’t just shoes. They are a symbol of who I am as a person. A symbol of what I can do and what I cannot do.

Heels, be simple and sophisticated, are the shoes that represent me as a person.

They cover my naked soul, with just enough ‘click’ to keep the mystery going.

They aren’t just shoes. Not to me, anyway.

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