Perfect Start to the Day and Breakfast of Champions

Perfect Start to the Day and Breakfast of Champions

For the past two plus years, I’ve started my day by pleasantly waking up to Daft Punk’s Lose Yourself to Dance which quite possibly could be the best wake-up call ever. No more jolting awake to some terrible repetitive beeping sound. This tune starts slowly and quietly, and builds up into an awesome catchy beat. Definitely check it out.


Then I typically scroll through checking email and social media before getting out of bed which also allows me to have some quality time with my kids, Polly Prissy Pants, William Douglas Baloney, and Stevie Kneadie Nicks. The daily ritual includes getting kitty kisses from all three of them. After I do few yoga stretches, push-ups, and planks, we head downstairs for breakfast. They, of course, expect to be fed first, and then I blend up my go-to breakfast protein shake. I’ve been making this nutritious and delicious quick morning meal since a guy I dated in college introduced it to me along with a solid strength training workout. The addition of greens was added about five years ago after a personal trainer told me to try it. It changes the color and lessens the sweetness some, but I love knowing I’ve already basically had a salad before lunch. But if you’re concerned about it being bitter, just use spinach because it doesn’t really change the taste. The actual measurements of each ingredient can be tweaked to your liking. So, here’s the list of goodies:

Vanilla whey protein
Dash of cinnamon
Half of a banana
Frozen berries
PB2 powder peanut butter
Ground flaxseed
Chia seeds
Coconut water
Unsweetened almond milk
Handful of spinach, watercress, and/or kale

Blend until it’s a smooth consistency, and enjoy it!image

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