Be Real

When My Pastor Said “Follow Jesus”, Did He Mean on Social Media?

At church, my pastor, David Chadwick, was giving his awesome sermon and he was talking about “following Jesus”. Leave it to me, being so actively involved in the social media world, to think to myself, If Jesus were on social media or had a blog and he showed up in my newsfeed, what would that be like? I’m pretty sure this is not what David meant when he said “follow”...

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WIRL Project Mom Moment

Mother’s Day WIRL Challenge Giveaway

We ALL Have One… An Embarrassing “Mom” Moment! Does the time your mom embarrassed you as a kid STILL haunt you? Or, on the flip side, are you a mom who did something that made you feel downright mortified? If so, WIRL Project wants to hear from you! Share these stories with us to qualify for our Mother’s Day WIRL Challenge Giveaway and to inspire empower educate … giv...

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