My Skin Won’t Stop Me


Skin Won't Stop Me

WIRL Project is excited to announce our first ever community initiative to benefit a cause through story sharing! We’ve partnered with Cayisa, an all natural Jewelry company with a great mission, to help raise awareness and funding for Psoriasis Research.

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Read Eben’s Story Here

Eben Patten, who was recently diagnosed with Psoriasis, turned to the internet to find hope and was overwhelmed by the support and amount of people also dealing with this challenging condition. She is leading the way as we challenge everyone to confess their skin insecurities and declare that they will no longer stop us from being confident in the skin we’re in. For each WIRL contributed from now until April 30th, WIRL Project will donate $1 towards Psoriasis Research. Eben’s story is featured to inspire and empower others to be strong and confident and to never let your skin stop you from doing anything!


The Challenge: It may not be Psoriasis, but it may be acne, wrinkles, eczema, or it may even be the color of your skin; the point is, we all have something.

We are challenging you to share your skin insecurities and tell us why your skin won’t stop you!

To be a part of our movement, please follow the steps below:

1) Contribute a WIRL With The Following Criteria and Enter to WIN Our Giveaway!

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Eben Stack

Eben’s Stack Set

Contribute a WIRL using this special My Skin Won’t Stop Me form, to share your story. WIRL Project will donate $1 for every WIRL contributed with this tag!

Enter to WIN! For every WIRL you contribute with the tag “My Skin Won’t Stop Me”, you will be entered to win our giveaway of the “Eben Stack” bracelet set from Cayisa!!



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3) Support Our Cause


The “Eben” Psoriasis Bracelet

Raise Awareness by purchasing the “Eben” Psoriasis Awareness bracelet from Cayisa.

Use the Promo Code: EBEN for 10% off and free shipping!






Giveaway Rules: 
  1. Only WIRL Project members are eligible to win the My Skin Won’t Stop Me giveaway.
  2. All WIRLs must be contributed to WIRL Project before 11:59 EST on April 30th to be eligible.
  3. Multiple My Skin Won’t Stop Me submissions are acceptable with a limit of 5 entries per person.
  4. WIRL Project reserves the right to edit or omit inappropriate WIRL submissions.
  5. WIRL Project will donate $1 for every WIRL contributed with the tag “My Skin Won’t Stop Me”, up to $100.
  6. All My Skin Won’t Stop Me WIRLs must contain the tag “My Skin Won’t Stop Me” to be eligible.
  7. Anonymous WIRLs do not count towards entries for the giveaway.
  8. WIRL Project’s WIRL Code and Terms and Conditions apply for all WIRL members and submissions.
  9. Giveaway winner will be announced on May 5th, 2015 at WIRL Project. Winner will be notified by email.
  10. Any questions concerning the My Skin Won’t Stop Me movement can be sent to