Work Life Balance

One Successful Couple

I met Hugo and Gert Ehlers in late 1994. I quickly discovered they were hard working people. Hugo worked at a steel factory and Gert taught physical education at a public school. Their two kids were already grown and living in different parts of the country. The Ehlers were always very careful with their money, dedicated savers, and good investors. They went to church each Sunday and were always i...

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Phil Gleason | WIRL Project

How to Calculate Retirement Age

  Calculate Your Retirement Age Early retirement? Normal retirement age used to be 65. With changes in pension benefits, health care expenses and other factors, there is no normal retirement age. Social Security was created in August 1935. It was intended to supplement other income sources for retirement. What’s changed? Everything. People are living much longer. In 1935, life expectanc...

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