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BlogU Taught Me About Blogging and Powdered Alcohol

This past weekend was one that I had basically been counting down to since it was over last year, Blog U was finally here. This time was made even better by the fact that one of my real life besties was joining me this go round. Nicole and I headed up on Thursday and made it despite the dreary and seemingly never ending rain that fell from Durham all the way to Baltimore. We relaxed a little bit b...

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Why Flying Home From BlogU Nearly Killed Me

Every year I try to attend at least one conference where I will hone my skill of writing, and network with others in the same genre. This year I attended an amazing conference called BlogU – short for University. It is held on the beautiful campus of the all girls college Notre Dame University in Baltimore, Maryland. The panels were made up ‘faculty’ who are all successful in their own areas, and ...

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The Story of My Good, Bad, and Ridiculous Weekend: BlogU15

A while back, I wrote a post about doing something for yourself. I mentioned that after a pretty shitty year, I had decided to do something fun for myself and had signed up for the Blog U Conference. I knew absolutely no one who was going and knew basically nothing about it, but the website had pictures of ladies wearing really ugly prom dresses, and that looked sort of like something I’d enjoy, s...

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