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You’ve done it, you know you have. You’ve completely butchered, or even made up, song lyrics. It’s okay, it happens to the best of us. Who cares if the words “make sense” anyway? The important thing is that they roll off your tongue smoothly.

It’s awesome when you catch someone blatantly singing the wrong words; you laugh, call them out, and then try to put together how they ever came up with that combination in the first place. Like that time your sister thought the first few words to the song Brown Eyed Girl were “Hey there Rodrigo” instead of “Hey, where did we go” – yeah, it’s pretty freaking hilarious! But it’s a little embarrassing when it’s you who is fumbling and making things up – like when you go to karaoke, read the screen, and find out that you’ve been waaaaay off all this time!

WIRL Project wants you to know you’re not alone and we thought this stand up bit by comedian, Peter Kay, would make you feel at ease. He hilariously highlights some of his most epic song lyric fails. All this time he’s been singing about bird seed, pot pies, and his massively mistook some of Shaniah Twain’s song lyrics for something REALLY wrong! Take a few minutes to laugh and relate with Peter as he tells the story of his super funny song lyric fails.



Do you have any song lyric bloopers? We’d love to hear them! Share your story in the comments below!


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