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9/11 Never Forget

We should never forget September 11, 2001.  However, we do need to move on, to continue living our lives without fear. I was in the 11th grade sitting in English class.  I remember one slightly eccentric teacher running down the hallway between classes that morning screaming, “We are under attack – We are at war.”  Life would never be the same. I presume, to avoid panic on that pristin...

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Courage | WIRL Project

C: Courage – What It’s Really Like

This post is part of a series titled, “A-B-Cs – What It’s Really Like”. Each week a new letter and its word will be revealed. Each word’s explanation will illustrate significant personal meaning, application and ultimately demonstrate, What It’s Really Like…  When is the last time you experienced something that was absolutely terrifying? If you survived it, chances are courage played a factor in o...

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Angel Bumps | WIRL Project

Angel Bumps

I met my guardian angels over ten years ago. It seems so trite to say it was a time in my life when I was running on empty. Hell, if I was a car, the gas tank would have rusted out completely. There’d have been a huge hole in the bottom that leaked gas as I pumped it in. They were my lost years. I really had nothing left to give…to anyone. My oldest of five, has emotional disabilities. Next in lin...

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