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What It’s Really Like to Be Me – Part 1

I had the privilege of being invited by T.v. Williams to be on his Famous Podcast a few weeks ago and it was a blast! It was my first podcast, so it was a new and very interesting experience for me and somehow T.v. lead me to talk about all kinds of things including my personal and professional life. I will be sharing bits and pieces of this podcast over the next few weeks and today I am sharing P...

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WIRL Challenge Wednesday

WIRL Challenge Wednesday – Medical Professionals

What Is It REALLY Like to Work in the Medical Field? Prompt: We want to hear from Medical Professionals. Nurses, Doctors, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, Dentists, PA’s, Surgeons, Administrative Professional, Medical Sales Representatives, etc.! Confess and share the nitty-gritty stories you’ve encountered or had to deal with in the medical field or simply tell us what your job is REALLY like. A...

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