Angel Bumps | WIRL Project

Angel Bumps

I met my guardian angels over ten years ago. It seems so trite to say it was a time in my life when I was running on empty. Hell, if I was a car, the gas tank would have rusted out completely. There’d have been a huge hole in the bottom that leaked gas as I pumped it in. They were my lost years. I really had nothing left to give…to anyone. My oldest of five, has emotional disabilities. Next in lin...

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Shoulda Coulda Woulda | WIRL Project

Should Coulda Woulda

“Dr. Mort, report to emergency. Dr. Mort, report to emergency STAT.” The operator’s nasal voice roared in my head as the odor of disinfectants crawled up my nostrils. It was suffocating. The “Bing” of the elevator was a welcome relief from the chaos in the hall and in my mind. One by one, floor by floor, they crammed me further into to the back. An intern with huge, dark circles under his eyes, pl...

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