What It's Really Like to Lose 100 Pounds | WIRL Project

What It’s Like to Lose 100 Pounds

Today I was at the post office. Handing my I.D. to the clerk, she examined it, looked at me, and looked at the photo again. “Wow, you look really different!” I get that response often so wasn’t too surprised. I’ve considered ordering a new driver’s license since I’m slightly worried I’ll get stopped at the airport for not being the actual Sara M. Borgstede...

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What Workingout REALLY Means to Me | WIRL Project

What Working Out REALLY Means To Me

I am not a gym type of person and I always tried to avoid physical exercise. Nevertheless, now that I am on the 4th decade of my life, I see my metabolism slow down and only through exercise am I able to boost things up a bit. I try to walk 15 to 20 minutes per day and this helps me maintain my figure to almost the same shape as it used to be when I was younger! It is hard for me to change attitud...

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Exercise As We Get Older

I recently started an exercise routine where I’m weight training and doing some walking too, as I am aware how important it is to have strong bones and muscles as we age. Being in my 50’s and just starting out, I am surprised at the fact that I’m actually enjoying doing it!! I’ve never been much for going to the gym, but once again if you push yourself out of your comfort z...

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