What Blogging is REALLY Like

What Blogging is REALLY Like

What is blogging REALLY like? An addiction.

I mean, it’s a “good” kind of addiction… but it still takes over your life. You’re out for a walk and see a cute boutique… Potential blog post? That cupcake you treated yourself to after lunch was super tasty… Blog post! A leaf falls off of a tree and lands softly on the sidewalk… YES, there is definitely a blog post in there somewhere because why are leaves falling off trees in the end of May? Time to get educated.

Everything you see and do is automatically filtered through a blogger mindset – can this be revamped to go on the blog? 

If you thought you were social media-addicted before, just wait ’til you start a blog that you want the online community to notice. Hello, shameless self-promotion. You’ll be posting more than you ever thought you would post and doing a ridiculous amount of networking and taking sooooo many pictures because who ever thought you would have to take 100 pictures before you got that angle that’s just PERFECT? And sometimes it’s 1000 but, hey, #DoItForTheBlog.

As a blogger, my head is always spinning with ideas, so much so that I could not live without a planner, and I know many bloggers who would say the same thing. Gotta write that stuff down before my head gets too full and thoughts start escaping!

Blogging is way harder than people think because, if you want to excel at it, you will need skills in photography, writing (especially grammar! Like, please stop confusing your/you’re, people. You’re better than that.), business, networking, social media and so much more. I know firsthand that it can be overwhelming and I debated closing my account at the beginning, because no hobby should be this much work. I’m just not passionate enough, I told myself.

But I was lying. Blogging is what I was born to do.

And I haven’t even told you the best part! Bloggers (for the most part) are not all in competition with each other – they are so so supportive! Bloggers help each other out and broadcast opportunities and follow back and will definitely let you know if you’re doing a super awesome job. No cute detail goes unnoticed.

So, yes, my head is spinning with new post ideas and blogging opportunities 24/7 and it takes up about 200% of my free time, but I found my passion and you know what they say (cheesy quote alert) – when you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.


Erin from erinfinity.com


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ErinThis WIRL was contributed by Erin Hesselink. She is a beauty/DIY/lifestyle blogger from Canada and  loves to connect with people. WARNING: She think she’s pretty hilarious (direct quote from Erin herself!). She can be found at her website, on FacebookPinterestTwitter, and Instagram.




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  1. *Fist bump!* This pretty much sums it up. I’ve yet to designate a planner for blogging organization but I’ve been meaning/wanting to for too long. I also tell myself to carry a notepad around so I can jot down every idea throughout the day, especially now that I’ve just had my 2nd kid 6wks ago and my brain is mush! I hope to be way more blog-together in the near future because if you’re going to do something do it right. -misty

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  2. Omg! I can definitely relate to everything in this post! I have been working on improving my photos and I have so many that didn’t make the cut. A lot goes into a blog post. It is so much more than just writing. I was so nervous when I first started but the blogging community has been wonderful and supportive.

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  3. This is all so true! I was most surprised by the support from other bloggers. People who could be looked at as competition are your biggest cheerleaders. I agree so much about the 1000 picture thing.

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