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After the incredible response from our “Love, Loss and Forgiveness” WIRL yesterday, I thought it would be fitting to share the sermon given from Forest Hill Pastor, David Chadwick, on the day of the Eddings family tragedy. His words came straight from the heart and ring so true.

When I attended the church service last Sunday, David reiterated many of the same powerful words and it was very powerful to me, so I thought I would share it with the WIRL Project audience as well. If this is not your cup of tea and you typically aren’t open to religious conversations or discussions, I get it; I am not usually one of those people either, but this time I would highly recommend you open your mind and heart and listen to (at least parts) of his sermon that I’ve provided below. There are some really great segments of the speech I would highly suggest listening to, so I’ve listed them below the video for you to skip to if you do not have time to listen to the whole 37 minute clip.

I’m sure the Eddings family feel the support and prayers you are all sending up for them. Thank you for showing your support for this family on WIRL Project yesterday and today. xo

*At the end of his sermon David lead a prayer for baby Reed, the 38 week newborn delivered via C-section on the day of the accident, who had not yet passed, so please understand why this is being talked about in this way. Unfortunately and very sadly, both boys were lost in this terrible accident.

1:15 – The Tragic Story

5:00 – Why? Why do bad things happen?

11:28 – Why? Why would a good God allow for 2 year old child to die in a hideous automobile accident?

13:00 – No parent should bury a child.

15:51 – No person living in the glory of Heaven would ever come back to the brokenness of this world.

17:30 – Grief is spelled L.O.S.S., the greater the loss the greater the grief – Grieve with hope.

20:00 – Our Response

21:40 – Be ready to meet your maker.

22:15 – Why? We all will meet our maker.

23:40 – Is this going to happen to me? Fight Fear.

24:15 – God is not the author of evil.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this sermon and if it was as powerful to you as it was to me. Share what you’re thinking in the comment box below.

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