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Should Coulda Woulda

“Dr. Mort, report to emergency. Dr. Mort, report to emergency STAT.” The operator’s nasal voice roared in my head as the odor of disinfectants crawled up my nostrils. It was suffocating. The “Bing” of the elevator was a welcome relief from the chaos in the hall and in my mind. One by one, floor by floor, they crammed me further into to the back. An intern with huge, dark circles under his eyes, pl...

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All Eyes On Story | WIRL Project

When All Eyes Are On You and Your Story

I spent the majority of last week far from home – in the exotic land of Baltimore, at BlogU’15. It was a remarkable trip- I met dozens of new friends, caught up with even more old friends, learned, laughed, danced my ass off, and was beyond honored to be chosen by the Huffington Post for the Term Paper of the Year - an award to recognize the best of blogging over the past year. This aw...

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Preeclampsia | WIRL Project

Preeclampsia: What It’s Really Like

  Don’t you love when someone points out to a pregnant woman that she looks “terrible”? Who do they think they are telling you that you’re swollen, puffy, look tired, or even that you look “painful”. I think people who aren’t, especially those who have never been, pregnant say these things as if it’s somehow comforting for a second or third trimester pregnant lady to be reas...

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