Millennial Bad Reputation

Why Millennials Have a Bad Reputation

Millennials seem to have a bad rap. Many, especially baby boomers, tend to say they walk this planet with a sense of gotta-have-it-now entitlement and a lack of work ethic. They’ve also been referred to as lazy, addicted to social media, and carefree. But is this really the case, and if so, is it their fault? In my opinion, millennials didn’t really have a choice. They were born into a...

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College University WIRL Project

If You Could Redo College, How Would You Do It?

If you could redo your college experience, how would you do it? What would you change? Would you go to the same school? Would you select the same major? Hang with the same crowd? Play a sport? Study Harder? Join the same sorority or fraternity? Do you have regrets about college? Or would you do it all exactly the same?    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or, better yet, join W...

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