Real is the New Sexy

Real is the New Sexy

How often are people true to who they really are? Social media glamorizes life in a way that seeks perfection and doesn’t allow for those not-so-magical moments of life to shine through. At WIRL Project, we’re ready for a change and we agree with Jamie Catto, who wrote an incredible post called “Real Is the New Sexy” on his blog. We, at WIRL Project, think what he has to say speaks directly to the WIRL mentality…check out a summary of his original post below.

Being authentic is so far from the “norm” that it’s sometimes perceived as weird or different…sharing your insecurities and vulnerabilities with others can make some people so uncomfortable that they accidentally reveal where they’re struggling, just by the way they react to such openness. Listen to them – take what they have to say and learn from it in a positive way. The way you react to such people will help you grow as a person and learn more about yourself.

Being generous in the way you run your life and/or business is unique, but also progressive. Choosing to be inclusive and put others first, while offering a helping hand, creates relationships built on trust and not superficial, empty emotions. But as you do this, notice that others will question you – they will second guess your intentions and find your generosity hard to accept. Many will even warn you to be less giving and to only look out for yourself, take note of these people in your life.

Showing your true feelings, being inappropriate, angry, happy, sad, goofy, serious or candid can take courage, especially as you try to build your own “personal brand” and teach other people who you are and what you stand for. Letting there be transparency between your professional, personal, and any other “self” can be powerful, in that people see that you have nothing to hide.

So, why do we choose to wear masks, hats and capes or try to be someone we’re not? Author, Jamie Catto, recommends we take off the masks we wear and see who sticks around. Those who do are the ones who have genuinely loved you all along, they appreciate your personal brand, and have been and will always be “fans”. These people, who see beauty in your authentic, genuine, real self, are the people you should surround yourself with; not the people who see beauty in that mask you wear.

“Real” people are sexy because they aren’t afraid to show who they really are. Others are attracted to this “x-factor” because it’s lacking in so many of us …confidence, authenticity, self-esteem and honesty. It’s comfortable to hide, cover up and stay quiet, but what’s the point in that? Don’t conform, don’t cover up and certainly don’t hide…be brave enough to be fascinating…to be real.

So, are you ready to be more genuine, real, honest, and maybe even….sexy? What have you been hiding? What mask can you take off?

Since the very early stages of building WIRL Project, this post, Real is the New Sexy by Jamie Catto, has been so empowering and inspiring to us. Many of the things he states speak directly to why WIRL Project was created in the first place, so we just had to share this with our readers. We encourage you to view the original post in the link below and hope you find his words as inspiring as we do!

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  1. Profile photo of Sarah Skierka

    I, too, love this post! Social media is a slippery slope of what is real and what is not so real. Don’t get me wrong, I think people post real moments here and there on social media, but I think we as viewers need to be aware that these are just small snippets of someone’s real life. We all have moments that are not too pretty, and it’s okay to not be perfect! :)

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  2. Profile photo of Sara Brennan

    I also LOVE this post @amacaluso29! I am tired of social media glamorizing life – being the real, genuine, authentic “you” is much “cooler” than any other persona out there. Hopefully people agree and start sharing “what it’s really like” with WIRL Project…I can’t wait to see these stories unfold! :)

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  3. Profile photo of Alessandra Macaluso

    Yes, love this! It’s something that is always on my mind, how staying real and being YOU is what attracts you to those people and situations you need in life. I find myself going back and forth between feeling this way, then shrinking back for fear of judgment or protection. Although I’m learning not to worry about ‘protecting’ myself from negativity, and that if I stick to being authentic, the negativity will fall away. Great post!

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