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Leaving Your Baby at the Hospital – Two Weeks as a NICU Mom

15 Days. Fifteen days that felt like an eternity. Having a child in the NICU is a long, emotional roller coaster that nothing can prepare you for. Luckily, my story is a good one, and we now have a healthy 19 month old. However, I’ll never get back those minutes, those hours that I could not hold him, I could not kiss him. I wasn’t the first, second, or probably even the third person to hold my so...

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Preeclampsia | WIRL Project

Preeclampsia: What It’s Really Like

  Don’t you love when someone points out to a pregnant woman that she looks “terrible”? Who do they think they are telling you that you’re swollen, puffy, look tired, or even that you look “painful”. I think people who aren’t, especially those who have never been, pregnant say these things as if it’s somehow comforting for a second or third trimester pregnant lady to be reas...

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