Do Not Let the Size of Your Town Determine the Size of Your Dreams

Do Not Let the Size of Your Town Determine the Size of Your Dreams

I am currently leading a Success Camp for 17 amazing women on my Executive Director’s downline. It’s a six week camp that directs the “campers” to specific training calls and forces them to step outside of their comfort zones.

This past week the campers had to email me about where they would like to see themselves and their business in a year from now and two years from now. One of the campers emailed me saying that she had never thought that promoting to Director or above was achievable because she lives in a small town and didn’t know how her team would be able to all come up with their PV (personal volume – sales) needed to meet requirements.

This is something that I hear from a lot of ladies in Direct Sales and one of the most common concerns for those thinking about joining Direct Sales.

When I was replying to her email I had a huge AH HA moment and replied to her with this:

SizeOfYourTownI live in a town with a population of 6,500. That’s it, 6,500! In my very small town, I have been able to grow a team of some AMAZING women who are ROCKING their businesses! I was able to promote to Director in less than 8 months with the company. In my first full fiscal year with Thirty-One I was able to earn our Leadership Incentive Trip for my husband and I to Riviera Maya AND I was named to Thirty-One’s Leadership Council for being one of the Top 25 Team Builders in the entire company! All in a small town of 6,500 people.

Some of the most successful people I know not only in Thirty-One, but in other Direct Sales companies, are from small towns. They didn’t let the size of their towns determine the size of their dreams. Success is not going to fall into your lap, and as much fun as my “job” really is, it does require some “work”. (It’s hard to call it a job and work when it really is so much fun) If you’re able to make yourself stand out, step outside of your comfort zone, and put some time and effort into your business, the size of your town will have no influence on your business.

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I am the mother to the most hilarious 14 year old I’ve ever met, wife to one hot HOT (Husband Of Thirty-One), and a crazy bag lady… or if you want to be formal about it, I am an Independent Director with Thirty-One. Whoo Hooo!


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    Thanks for the great reminder that if you work hard you can succeed and reach your dreams no matter where you are from or currently live. Congrats on all your success and hope you had a fabulous trip to Mexico

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      Thanks Samantha! We had a BLAST! I’m sure I’ll be writing a WIRL about the trip!

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