Setting Business Hours While Working from Home

I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but sometime in the past few months I realized something… I’m a small business owner! It’s true! I am! I’m sure many people in Direct Sales go through this odd transformation. Most people start Direct Sales companies as a hobby, a way to make an extra $100/month, or maybe just to get a discount on some of their favorite products. I definitely did not purchase my Thirty-One Enrollment Kit with the intention of it turning into a business. I just wanted the best deal in the catalog!

A little over a year after joining Thirty-One and I have a team of 29 amazing women that I get to celebrate, encourage, reward, train, and lead! How awesome is that!?! While I don’t write their paychecks, I like to think that I do have an influence in them. (And I’m ALWAYS up for helping one of them get a raise!)

I’m sure that most people in direct sales have gone through that stage where they’ve had someone say that what they do isn’t a “real job”. Yep, you’re right! I LOVE what I do! I love that I get to hold Facebook Parties while I’m sitting in the living room with Devon watching American Idol. I love that I know that I never have to miss one of her soccer games because of “work”. I get PAID to PARTY! Whatttt?!?!

Oh, and have you heard that nonsense that you can’t make any money with Direct Sales. That one REALLY makes me giggle.  Did you know that over 80% of women who make over $100,000/year do so in Direct Sales??? WOW!!!

Ok, I’m getting sidetracked (what’s new?). A few weeks ago or even a month ago it really hit me that I’m a small business owner. I started noticing that I felt I needed to be glued to my phone in case a customer, hostess or team member needed something. What if there was  a purse emergency!?! It wasn’t until Dave, Devon and I were at volleyball game watching some of Devon’s friends play when I realized that I needed to set “Business Hours”.  We were at the game and I was cheering the girls on when I realized that I was the only person in the gym cheering. I looked around and saw EVERYONE else on their phones! I made a promise then to myself that when Devon’s soccer games start up I wouldn’t be one of those parents. I wouldn’t miss one of her goals because I was too busy checking my Facebook messages to see what pattern someone wanted their new purse in. I wasn’t going to let “work” get in the way of my family. That’s why most women do Direct Sales… to be able to enjoy their families while also earning an income.

Setting Business Hours was something that I struggled with. To be completely honest, a year ago I would have thought it was narcissistic for someone who “sold purses” to have business hours. Boy was I wrong. Setting business hours should be a MUST for those in Direct Sales. It elevates that constant feeling of having to be available for everyone. Trust me, there is no such thing as a purse emergency. Business hours allow me to ENJOY my family time more without having to constantly check my phone. It has even made me more productive during the times I designate for my business. Currently, my business hours are Monday – Friday 9am – 2pm. I have parties on week nights and I DO NOT work on the weekends. I’m sure my hours will change, especially when summer comes and Devon is out of school. For now I tell my team and my customers that if they contact me after business hours that they shouldn’t expect an answer until my next set of business hours. Will there be times where I do some work outside of my business hours? Of course, but it will be something planned, not something that interrupts family time. I was nervous that everyone would think I was being rude, but have experienced nothing but support of my business hours, my team and customers understand that it’s so I can enjoy my family!

If you’re in Direct Sales or work from home, do you have your own business hours set? How did you announce your business hours to your team and customers?

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