Cats: What They’re Really Thinking

Cats: What They’re Really Thinking

Sometimes do you look at you pet and wonder what they’re thinking? If you have a cat, you may be intrigued to learn what’s going on in their head. Apparently cats don’t “get” humans in the same way that dogs do, in that, dogs categorize humans as something different than themselves, and cat’s kind of consider humans as a bigger version of one of their own. After some research, John Bradshaw, a cat behavior expert, had some very interesting findings about cats and how they perceive the world around them.

Bradshaw also mentions that cats can be more stressed than they appear to be, especially if they are forced to live with other cats. This mental stress can lead to skin conditions and bladder swelling! Whoa!

So, if you’re a cat lover, take a look at this very interesting article, written by Christine Dell’Amore from National Geographic explaining what your cat is really thinking or feeling…it might explain a lot!

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