What It’s Really Like to Have an Identical Twin – and Finding out at Age 33!

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Ok yes, I knew I was a twin my whole life, but for the first 33 years, we were told we were fraternal.  

First question EVERYBODY asks when I mention that I have a twin sister is – Are you identical or fraternal? My response was always that we are fraternal, but look VERY similar! We were always told that my mother had fraternal twin girls because we each had our own sac in utero. Every fraternal twin will have their own gestational sac in utero and this is because each egg was fertilized with their own sperm. So, fraternal twins have different DNA. The doctor that delivered us just assumed we were fraternal because we came from different sacs.

My twin and I have always looked identical though. Same height, body shape, eye color, hair color, nose, eyes, feet, hands, etc.. Even though there were slight differences, most people knew right away that we were twins.

So fast-forward 33 years later…

One of my friends, who is a mom of twins, told me she had her twin girls genetically tested to be certain they were identical because each of her twin girls had their own sac. So, I did some research and found that identical twins can have their own sacs and it is quite common! I ordered the genetics test and had one kit sent to Ohio, where my sister lives, and one to North Carolina where I live. We swabbed our mouths, sent back the kits, and waited not-so-patiently for 2 weeks.

Surprise Twins | WIRL ProjectThey sent the results over email, so when I saw the email come through, I called my sister immediately and read the email to her over the phone. We were beyond shocked and excited that the results came back 99.9% sure we are IDENTICAL! Both of us cried. I can’t explain why, but it is crazy to think you have the same DNA as someone else! And for 33 years we were answering the identical/fraternal question WRONG!

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  1. I have 5 y.o. twins, “allegedly” fraternal. Lol! I think I need to order this test.

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